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Neurogaming in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) with neurotechnology, motion capture, eye tracking, and other physiological sensors can be combined to take gaming to new heights of realism, immersion and interactivity. The technology is ready, but a killer app is missing. Most brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and neurogames are not made by or for gamers, and most games with neurotechnology are not made by neuroscientists.

Our Goal

We want to change this and create an exciting and engaging science-based VR neurogame in which you can experience magical powers as though they were real! See the power of your mind manifest and influence the virtual world like a real wizard. Learn to focus your willpower and inner strength, realize how to calm your mind and body even under pressure and have fun whilst doing it!

Marius Klug

project lead

Hi! My name is Marius, I’m a cognitive neuroscientist working in the Berlin Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Lab (BeMoBIL) with Prof. Gramann. I research on methodological advancements in electroencephalography (EEG) data analysis in VR and applications in neuroergomics, assessing mental states of operators while performing tasks.

I am also an enthusiastic VR gamer, a moderator of the Skyrim VR subreddit, and YouTube content creator for Skyrim VR mod and gameplay videos. Combining this with my usage of virtual environments in research, playing around with the Unity engine to create my own game came naturally to me. Ultimately, combining my two passions of neurotechnology and VR games led to this project.

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